Creating Your Own
E-Book is Surprisingly

One of the most effective ways to turn your passions into a business and monetize your skills is by selling eBooks online.

Everyone has areas of expertise that can help you create
eBooks. There are people out there who value your
knowledge and want to learn more. You can help them if you
start selling eBooks.

Creating your own eBook is surprisingly simple, and this
article will walk you through the essential steps as you learn
how to sell eBooks.

Process of 
E-Book Publication

Author submits eBook word doc along with his affiliation and attached photo latest. Preface and Acknowledgment is mandatory.

We do proof read, alignment, design, hyperlink the reference, assign book with ISBN number and at last pdf will be send to author to recheck for everything.

Book will be assigned to Pre QC for quality check (PlagScan). If it is approved it will be sent for review. If it is not approved it will be resend to author to rewrite the highlight content/text in order to decrease plagiarism.

Once author gives approval all the details will be upload in website and the book price will be decided by marketing team.

Once review comments received
it will be send to author to do modifications suggested by reviewers.
Author has to resubmit the eBook file
after suggested modifications been
done. Then it will be rechecked.

Upon authors request hard copies will be provided. Separate charges will be taken for printing, shipping.

Publication Charges

Our e-Books are self-supporting and do not receive any external funding; e-Book operations are solely financed by the handling fees received from the authors.
The handling fees are used for Cover preparation, PDF, ISBN allocation and validation, Web page creation, and online maintenance of the e-Books.

Short eBook up to 50 pages 1000 845 758
Standard eBook of 15-20 pages per chapter 1659 1401 1258

The basic eBook publication fee or handling cost is as per the prices mentioned above on the other hand it may vary based on the extensive editing, colored
effects, complex equations, extra elongation of no. of pages of the eBook, etc.

Note: If the author(s)/ Editor requests a withdrawal of eBook, after the peer review process or in the production stage (Early Release or Ahead of publishing)
or published online; then authors/ Editor need to make a withdrawal penalty.

Online Submission