Authors Name: Prof. Dr. T. Senthil Vadivel, Mr. Sayanta Sikdar, Mr. Subhankar Santra

ISBN: 979-8-88940-033-2

Pages: 82

Publisher: Shineeks Publishers

Published On: January 2023

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About Book

Environment is made up of all that surrounds us. We are having direct and indirect connections with all the components of the environment for our survival and well-being. Due to various natural and anthropogenic causes, the quality of environment is getting degraded which in turn affecting our health. The balance of ecosystems is getting disrupted, biodiversity is facing several challenges, and climate change is becoming a very popular term nowadays due to this environmental pollution. The increased industrial activities, rapid growth of human population and excessive energy consumption are causing undeniable hazards to our environment, which can be quantified or analysed only by adopting suitable monitoring methodologies for Environmental components. Environmental monitoring is a very important aspect of today’s world and it includes the tools and methods designed to observe an environment, and to identify various environmental quality parameters, for the purpose of understanding associated risks and possible threats to environment. The main objective of environmental monitoring is to manage and minimize the impact of any activity on an environment, either to ensure compliance with laws and regulations or to mitigate risks of harmful effects on the natural environment and to protect the health of human beings by maintaining environmental quality. The overall process requires different stages, like sampling, analysis of samples, pollutant concentration measurement with specific strategies, following standard values etc. To prevent and control any kind of environmental pollution, like air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and noise pollution proper strategies and methods need to be adopted. There are several national and international guidelines/ laws which are enacted to take care of our environment and ultimately to save the mankind. Monitoring environmental quality parameters is the need of the hour which protects the environment from major pollution’s with the help of modern and sustainable technologies. This book gives the awareness on environmental quality monitoring, control of pollution and unveiling related technologies to the reader under single roof.

About Authors

Prof. Dr. T. Senthil Vadivel

He has 23 Years of Experience in Construction Industry and Higher Education in Civil Engineering. He is specialized in Construction Practices, Project Management, Innovative and Sustainable Building Materials, Environmental Engineering, Higher Education and Academic Administration. He holds different positions which include Project Manager, Professor, Head of Civil Engineering, Career Development and Career Counselling, Alumni Relations and Research and Development in Top-tier Institutions in India and Currently Heading Civil Engineering and Leading the Outcome Based Education Culture of Adamas University, Kolkata. He has published 42 reputed International Journals, 9 Patents, 6 Books and Book Chapters and more than 88 National and International Conferences in diversified areas. He himself organized more than 80 sponsored workshops, seminars, webinars, conferences and FDPs in various domains and delivered more than 125 invited talks and guest lectures. He won many awards and accolades in his career for his academic and research excellence from different societies, agencies and universities. Teaching is his passion and he is fascinated to create student friendly participatory learning environment in his discipline.

Mr. Sayanta Sikdar

He is working as Assistant Professor in Department of Civil Engineering under School of Engineering and Technology at Adamas University. He got his M. Tech degree in Environmental Science and Technology and he was awarded with Institute Gold Medal in M. Tech from National Institute of Technology Durgapur. He received his B. Tech degree in Civil Engineering from Adamas Institute of Technology under Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT). He worked as Assistant Manager in Environment (HSE Department) at Vedanta Limited (Lanjigarh) for more than 2 years in the fields of Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Management, Sewage Treatment and Waste Management. He holds more than 2 years of teaching experience in the field of Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Transportation Engineering in Diploma, UG and PG programs. Mr. Sikdar is having research interests in field of Water Treatment, Environmental Quality Analysis, Heavy Metal Removal and Waste Management.

Mr. Subhankar Santra

He is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, under the School of Engineering & Technology, Adamas University, Kolkata. Mr. Santra obtained his bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal (formerly WBUT) in 2015 and Master’s degree in 2017 from NIT Agartala. He keeps his research interest in the field of Green and Sustainable Engineering, Composite Materials, Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering and Environmental Engineering. He has 5 years of academic experience where he taken courses for both UG and PG programs. He believes in outcome-based education where learners can be taught new edge technologies with a well-defined process and outcome.