• Editor Name: Dr. Parimala B.
  • ISBN: 978-1-63278-967-9
  • Pages: 40
  • Publisher: Shineeks Publishers
  • Published On: December 2021
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About Book

Biodiversity is a variety of life on earth. For any kind of animal or plant each individual is not exactly the same as any other, nor are species or ecosystem. Biodiversity / biological diversity is a part of our daily lives and livelihood and constitutes resources upon which families, communities, nation and future generations depend. Biodiversity has numerous value in agriculture medicine, food and industry and it maintains ecological balance and evolutionary processes and has spiritual, cultural, aesthetic and recreational values. Hence, human societies rely on a vast array on biological resources and their diversity to provide for essential goods and services, direct uses include the production of food, clothing, materials for shelter and fuel and medicines. Indirect uses provide a wide variety of ecosystem services such as maintenance of composition of atmosphere, maintain soil fertility and cleanse water air. Therefore, all life forms that make up biodiversity including humans are ultimately connected to all other life forms and to their physical environment so connections among living and non-living elements keep the environment functioning and healthy.

Therefore, no one living element of any ecosystem can survive independent of the others.

About Editor

Dr. Parimala B. from starting her career as school teacher she has successfully made till being conferred with Senior Scientist Award 2021 from ESDA, Delhi. Currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Zoology of University College of Science, Tumakuru. She is widely acknowledged by innumerable students for her dedication, enthusiastic in teaching. She stands tall in providing all the necessary supports and guidance to the students multidimensionally though her vast professional networks. Being an abled and a promising administrator she has successfully lead the department of zoology as the head and has proved her potential by being an efficient personal in various academic and college developmental committees. She holds Ph.D. in Zoology, M.Phil. in Environmental Studies, Masters in Applied Zoology along with B.Ed. has built her multidisciplinary a strong resource and made her 14 years of professional life fruitful. Being an expert in the field of Ornithology she has made a remarkable contribution towards the conversation of avifauna. Her active involvement in research has made her come out with significant findings which are published in various reputed Scientific Journals. She has guided number of students in freelance research and is truly an inspiration for all her students who aspire their career in the field of Research and Development. Today, a good number of her students are pursuing Ph.D. in various institutions in the Country. Her works were presented in various symposiums National and International Conferences organized across states where she got recognized for her works and been conferred with best oral and poster presentation. Gradually, she became a notable person in her field of Ecology and Ornithology, thus she was invited to various academic meeting, workshops and conferences to deliver special talks to the aspiring researchers and young minds. Dr. Parimala holds a strong scientific network with which she has done several collaborative research and here, she continues to endeavor energetically and enjoyably.