Authors Name: Dr Araujo-Lopez Adan, Dr Valdez-Diaz Brenda, Dr Davila-Portilla Rogelio, Dr Gonzalez-Rodriguez Monica, Dr Nuñez-Castillo Joseph Alan, Dr Avendaño-Peza Hector, Dr Rios-Lara Luciano Rodolfo, Dr Ugalde-Vitelly Juan Antonio

ISBN: 978-1-63278-901-3

Pages: 24

Publisher: Shineeks Publishers

Published On: May 2021

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About Book

The trauma hand is one the most common pathologies that we treat during our residency, and a reconstruction of this could be something very easy or something very difficult, as the case we present, for that, we prefer to study this pathology, and try to show the readers, how do we can treat this entity and they can use our cases as a reference of future patients they have.

The spaghetti hand is a name that plastic surgeons study because all tendons seem like that, but 2 things we don’t consider is reconstruction of the artery, and the nerve, 2 things very important for the full reconstruction over the postsurgical recovers of the hand.

Reconstruction of the hand is not only recovering de movement, well always for the anatomy of the zone, we have to explore directly nerves, arteries, and veins if they are there.

One of the things that this study gave to me is how to explain my self and treat it with no fear, first of all know the anatomy, second use an adequate light, and microsurgical tweezers.

About Author

Dr Adan Araujo
To be a plastic surgeon resident is something that is not so easy to become, but when you get there, you realize that doing surgery is not the only thing that you need to know, not everything is perfect, you have to work and deal with complications, from a stitch to systemic, and functional problems, that one of the reasons that I can show and publish complications, that can be treated, known and learned from me, to teach others with papers.