Authors Name: Dr. Chala Wata Dereso, Prof. Omprakash H M

ISBN: 978-1-63278-932-7

Pages: 198

Publisher: Shineeks Publishers

Published On: March 2022

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About Book

International and comparative education is becoming an increasingly prominent field of study.This book ‘investigates education worldwide and the social, economic, and political forces that shape it’. Critical concepts are reviewed on how globalization has changed educational practice. Topics covered include: Comparative Frameworks, Approaches, Policy Analysis, and Strategies in Comparative Education-The relationship between development, education, and inequality.This book is required reading for students pursuing undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degrees in education studies.

About Authors

Dr. Chala Wata Dereso

A distinguished academician and scholar, presently acting as president, shouldering the immense burden of leading the university in a developing route. Dr. Chala has a significant teaching and research expertise in the area of education and behavioral sciences. With his intellectual aptitude and a multitude of skills, he has actively immersed himself in the design, coordination and monitoring of numerous education-oriented programs in Ethiopian government. His educational ideas have launched a paradigm shift in teaching approach among the academicians in Ethiopia. He has published multiple research papers in reputable international peer reviewed Journals.

Prof. Omprakash H M

Currently a Professor at Bule Hora University’s College of Education and Behavioral Sciences. He has 12 years of teaching experience and 5 years of research experience. Session chaired at many National and International seminars and conferences. Participated as a resource person in many workshops conducted by IGNOU & Colleges and Universities. He created Nano-teaching (, Edutain Method, and Banjar Script. Represented India at the Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Interests include psychology, research methodology and technology.