Authors Name: Dr. Vrinda Saxena, Dr. Manish Deheriya

ISBN: 979-8-88940-055-4


Publisher: Shineeks Publishers

Published On: May 2023

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About Book

Dental tourism, also known as dental travel or dental vacations, refers to the practice of traveling to another country for dental care and treatment. It has gained popularity in recent years as a cost-effective alternative for individuals seeking high-quality dental procedures at lower prices.

The main motivation behind dental tourism is the significant cost savings that can be achieved, particularly for expensive dental treatments such as dental implants, veneers, or full-mouth restorations. Many countries offering dental tourism services, such as Mexico, Thailand, Hungary, and Costa Rica, have lower labor and operating costs compared to developed countries, leading to more affordable dental treatments.

Dental tourists often combine their dental appointments with a vacation, taking advantage of the opportunity to explore a new destination while undergoing dental procedures. This allows individuals to enjoy a holiday experience while also receiving necessary dental care, making dental tourism an appealing option for those seeking both healthcare and leisure.

However, dental tourism does come with certain considerations. It is crucial to thoroughly research and choose a reputable dental clinic or dentist abroad, ensuring they meet international standards for safety and quality. Language barriers, different dental regulations, and potential follow-up care can also be challenges to consider. Coordinating travel arrangements and managing expectations are essential to ensure a smooth dental tourism experience.

Overall, dental tourism can provide cost savings and access to quality dental care for individuals who are willing to travel. It has become an attractive option for those seeking affordable dental treatments combined with the opportunity to explore new destinations and cultures. However, careful planning, research, and consideration of potential risks are necessary to ensure a positive dental tourism experience.

About Authors

Dr. Vrinda Saxena
Professor Dr. Vrinda Saxena, public health dentistry Govt College of
Dentistry Indore. 21 years of experience postgraduate from JSSDC
Mysore under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. Former
Controller Of Examinations Madhya Pradesh Medical Science
University. An Academician and social researcher with credentials of
more than 80 publications in national and International Journals and
5 textbooks.Master trainer for tobacco cessation and control activities
for 15 years. Supplementing activities in curbing Tobacco menace
by capacity building, advocacy, and training. Hosted several National
and International conferences and workshops. member of editorial
boards of several journals. Resource person and guest Speaker. Felicitated at Khajuraho
international film festival. Member of several associations national and international.
Honored by the Human rights commission 2023 for her dedication to social work.

Dr. Manish Deheriya
Competent dental surgery consultant after completion of BDS in
2015. Served in the public sector as Junior Resident for 3 years at
Gandhi Medical College Bhopal and Hamidiya Hospital Bhopal
with rich clinical exposure. Presently pursuing Post-graduation at
the Government College of Dentistry in the Department of public
health dentistry. Initiated as a clinician now encompassing research
and community services as my career perspective. Developing core
competencies for the welfare of society and the needy. Learning an
analytical approach to do something and feeling the warmth of Helen
Keller’s saying ‘ Alone we can do little; together we can do so much.