Author Name: Dr. Marian Hendy

ISBN:  979-8-88940-916-8

Pages: 32

Publisher: Shineeks Publishers

Published On: February 2024

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About Book

As healthcare providers, we face difficult situations that need urgent and immediate decisions to be taken, it’s always important to put the best interest of the patient in our priorities, also to balance the benefits against the risks, in paediatrics, it’s much more difficult as it’s heartbreaking to see the small kids suffer, there are some rules that are explained in this book that may guide and help in the decision making, including the parents and the child, if applicable, is very important in the decision making. Despite similar situations, the decisions might be different based on the conditions around, every scenario is unique.


About Author

Dr. Marian Kamal Mankaryous Hendy is a paediatric Specialist at Medcare Medical Centres and hospital in Dubai. She got her MBBS and Master’s Degree in Paediatrics and Neonatology from Assiut University in Egypt. She started her career as a Paediatrician at Assiut University Hospital and the Ministry of Health in Egypt. She then joined Sohar Hospital in Oman where she worked as a Paediatric Specialist. Later, she worked as a Paediatric Specialist at Zulekha Hospital in Dubai.
Dr. Hendy has a long experience as a Paediatrician, she manages emergencies like shock, dehydration and convulsions, also chronic conditions like epilepsy, asthma, gastroenteritis and Dehydration, also the treatment of the conditions causing fever, poor appetite and loss of weight in children. She has treated regular afflictions like fever, cough, breathlessness, gastroenteritis, allergies, tonsillitis, constipation and allergies in children. She has a special interest in the Paediatric Pulmonology field.