Authors Name:  Dr. Vrinda Saxena, Dr. Asmita Datla, Dr. Ankita Bhargava, Dr. Manish Deheriya

ISBN: 978-9-69-339258-6

Pages: 92

Publisher: Shineeks Publishers

Published On: August 2023

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About Book

Discover the intersection of dental science and disaster management in “Forensic Dentistry in Disaster Management: A Comprehensive Review.” Delve into the intricate techniques and technologies employed by experts to provide accurate identification in the aftermath of calamity. Explore real-world case studies, ethical considerations, and legal implications, offering a multidimensional view of this vital field. Authored by industry experts and guided by Dr. Vrinda Saxena, this review is an essential resource for professionals, researchers, and policymakers alike. Uncover the resilience of human ingenuity and collaboration in times of crisis, as we navigate the uncharted terrain where dental evidence meets disaster response.


About Authors

Dr. Vrinda Saxena

Dr. Vrinda Saxena is a distinguished Professor of Public Health Dentistry at Govt College of Dentistry Indore, with 21 years of experience. She holds a postgraduate degree from JSSDC Mysore and has authored over 80 publications and 5 textbooks. A former Controller of Examinations at Madhya Pradesh Medical Science University, she’s a prominent figure in tobacco cessation and control, hosting conferences and workshops. A recognized resource person and speaker, she’s been honored at the Khajuraho International Film Festival and is affiliated with numerous national and international associations.

Dr. Asmita Datla
Dive into the journey of Dr. Asmita Datla, a trailblazer who completed her BDS at Peoples Dental Academy in 2019. Currently, she’s embarking on a transformative path, pursuing her PG in Public Health Dentistry at Government College of Dentistry, Indore. With a focus on shaping the future of dental healthcare, Dr. Datla’s dedication and innovation shine through. Witness her journey from academia to practical impact, as she crafts a legacy of healthier smiles and stronger communities.

Dr. Ankita Bhargava

Embark on a journey of dental excellence with Dr. Ankita Bhargava, a dedicated lecturer in Public Health Dentistry at Government Dental College of Dentistry, Indore. With a rich four-year tenure, she infuses passion into education. A BDS graduate from RKDF Dental College in 2010 and MDS holder from People’s Dental College in 2016, she stands at the forefront of oral health advocacy. Dr. Bhargava’s commitment goes beyond teaching, as she nurtures community well-being through her expertise.

Dr. Manish Deheriya

Dr. Manish Competent dental surgery consultant after completion of BDS in 2015. Served in the public sector as Junior Resident for 3 years at Gandhi Medical College Bhopal and Hamidiya Hospital Bhopal with rich clinical exposure. Presently pursuing Post-graduation at the Government College of Dentistry in the Department of public health dentistry. Initiated as a clinician now encompassing research and community services as my career.