Author Name: Dr. Premalatha S. J.

ISBN: 979-8-88940-954-0

Pages: 91

Publisher: Shineeks Publishers

Published On: August 2022

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About Book

Hormones and their Endocrine Nature
It is a comprehensive exploration of current literature, which was unveiling the complicated role of hormones in regulating diverse mechanisms in physiological processes. It is tailor made book to provide a precise conceptual note on the endocrine system structure and functions. Emphasize in to all the hormone mechanisms underlying various communication, discovery of new array of function of endocrine glands, decode the chemistry shaping hormones by structures, and uncover their applications in various sectors. As the voyage concludes, a comprehensive summary underscores the profound significance of hormones in upholding a harmonious balance within the human body. Whether you’re a curious reader or a student of science, this book offers a clear window into the intricate world of hormones and their vital influence on our well-being. Beyond the realms of biology, the book casts a spotlight on the practical applications of hormones across diverse sectors. From medical marvels to pharmacological innovations, hormones play a transformative role, transcending disciplinary boundaries. As this expedition culminates, a comprehensive summary reinforces the profound significance of hormones as custodians of equilibrium within the human body. Whether you are a dedicated scholar, a curious mind, or a seeker of knowledge, “Hormones and their Endocrine Nature” promises an enlightening voyage through the intricate world of hormones, offering profound insights that resonate far beyond the pages of the book by the authors research illustration.


About Author

Dr. Premalatha S. J. has completed her M.Sc. in Biochemistry (2000) from Kuvempu University and her Ph.D. (2021) from Davangere University. She secured the II Rank in her Master’s Degree. She has 18 years of teaching experience for UG and PG and 10 years of research background. Presently, she is an Associate Professor and the Head of the Department of Studies in Biochemistry at Government Science College, Chitradurga – 577501, Karnataka, India. She has successfully guided PG and UG students in research projects, dissertations, and conference presentations. Her research area is Cancer Biology and Natural Products. She has a total of 10 research publications in journals with high-impact factors. Her credits also include participation and presentations of research articles at more than 15 National and International conferences. She is a Member of the Board of Examiners and Studies for various Universities.