Authors Name: Dr. Araujo-Lopez Adan, Dr. Gonzalez-Rodriguez Monica, Dr. Davila-Portilla Rogelio, Dr. Avendaño-Peza Hector, Dr. Christian Zuriel Martínez Arano, Dr. Villasana-Sanchez Jazmin, Dr. Moreno-Hernandez Sergio Gerardo, Dr. Tovar-Zamudio Silverio, Dr. Rios-Lara Luciano Rodolfo, Dr. Ugalde-Vitelly Juan Antonio

ISBN: 978-1-63278-964-8

Pages: 28

Publisher: Shineeks Publishers

Published On: December 2021

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About Book

The Information we have about this uncommon case, is that the origin of the reconstruction surgery is extremely difficult to treat, as a patient, in all of the aspects, like the Genetics, Pediatricians, Anesthesiologist and Plastic surgeons, we study the case from the family roots, all the way to the pathology in the family, the surgery was very difficult to reconstruct but in this case, with the cleft lip and palate knowledge from the anatomy, and the different techniques, we reconstructed on this patient, ending in a nice result, and giving another a better chance of living.

About Authors

Dr. Adan Araujo López
To be a plastic surgeon resident is something that is not so easy to become, but when you get there, you realize that doing surgery is not the only thing that you need to know, not everything is perfect, you have to work and deal with abnormalities, even al craniofacial. Cleft lip and palate is common altruism surgery we made, and the variants of this disease are not impossible in Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Silverio Tovar Zamudio
The real challenge of being a professor in plastic surgery is learning about the variations of Plastic Surgery, throughout my career, I have studied a number of diseases related to cleft lip and palate, it is a disease that I have been able to operate on in numerous easy to difficult cases, however this I believe has been able to demonstrate me in the face of the challenges presented by the variations of Certain diseases.