Author Name: Dr. Hussein Al-Nasrawi

ISBN: 978-1-5136-8712-4

Pages: 110

Publisher: Shineeks Publishers

Published On: June 2021

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About Book

Medical fungi is a book of fungal infections contain extended details about the causative agents which causes human fungal infections (Mycoses), it also demonstrates features and clinical significant for each type of mycoses with characteristics of fungal infection and common clinical therapy.

About Author

B.Sc in Biology, 1978 from Sulaymaniyah University-IRAQ; M.Sc in Mycology, 1989 from Baghdad University – IRAQ; Ph.D. in Mycology, 2006 from Basrah University – IRAQ; Post Doc. in Biotechnology, 2010 from Florida State University – USA. Awardings to Japan 2004 (UNDP); Jordan 2007 (SIDA), Armenia 2008 (UNPD); Sweden 2009 (SIDA); USA (Fulbright Scholarship) 2010, Turkey 2011 (SIDA); Qatar 2013 (WISE). Currently affiliation: Professor in Southern Technical University-IRAQ. Head of Nursing Department – Amarah Technical Institute.