Author Name: Dr. Kanta Prasad Sharma

ISBN: 978-1-63278-974-7

Pages: 106

Publisher: Shineeks Publishers

Published On: September 2021

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About Book

Map Matching is an important topic in computer science. It deals with a link between closet points problems arise in different areas such as lines, closed loop road links, and circular path and curvature region analysis. In this thesis, we identify few important problems in this area and propose an efficient algorithm for solving them, especially we study k-nearest neighbors, and segment based problems for the line, curve, and curve segments, and some variations of k-point clustering issues.
This research work provides a comprehensive overview of all current and planned Map Matching algorithms for real-time location tracking system, putting special emphasis on path analysis, tracking points monitoring with GPS and IRNSS signals structure and quality analysis on L2, L5 frequency band.
This research work is dedicated for the comparative working analysis with all current satellite navigation systems, either global or regional, specially putting the focus on USA’s Global Navigation System GPS, European Galileo an India’s Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), and GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation (GAGAN) technologies. The results of this work can be considered as a significant contribution to the design and development of a map matching algorithm for real-time location tracking on the road curvature areas. This research work has many advantages as its application in navigation and tracking technologies. This research work is proposed to the enhancement of GPS weak signals using IRNSS based technologies and trip the signals when the network is a loss. In this work there, many map matching algorithm introduces such as geographical, topological, advance map matching algorithm. The unique dimension of this work is location tracking, Fréchet distance, navigation issues and real-time location uncertainty computation process. The trajectory data filtration and satellite signals measurements are the backbones of the simulation process. This research work also adopts the shortest path finding strategies with the dead rocking mechanism.
The unique dimension of this research work is, location tracking, Fréchet distance, navigation issues analysis and real time location uncertainty computation process. The trajectory data filtration, and satellite signals measurements are backbone of simulation process. This research work also adopt shortest path finding strategies with dead rocking mechanism.
Finally, the goal is to increase the map matching algorithm performance in prospective its domain. In this way, Fréchet distance and GPS signaling issues resolved. Therefore, map matching algorithm will bring rising as innovative solution for navigation and tracking based applications for modern and digital revolutions.
Chapter 1 gives an overview of the satellite system, map matching algorithm with their issues. Chapter 2, in list the proposed methodologies with various real time map matching computation methods. Chapter 3 summarized the tool and techniques with programming technology. Chapter 4 provides simulated results and discussion. Chapter 5, conclude the research work and finally Chapter 6 provides limitation and future direction of this research work.

About Author

Dr. Kanta Prasad Sharma has a rich experience as an innovative academician. He has a Ph.D. in Information Technology from Amity University & Mater from UPTU Lucknow, India. At present, he is the Associate Professor in University Institute of Computing, Chandigarh University Mohall, India. He has published 19+ research papers in with SCI & SCOPUS indexing international Journals and conference proceedings. He is also member of ACM, Computer Society of India, IEEE & Advisory board member of ERDA, IAENG, STEM. He has been engaged for guiding PhD scholar, undergraduate students and also research scholar Co-guide in the field of real time navigation, Wireless Sensor Networks, Finger control technology & IoT, Cloud computing. He is Editorial Board member of more than 10 International and National Journals. He is working as the Guest editor of Springer Journal & Springer book editor (Scopus indexing) and also involve as TPC member in more than seven international conferences. He delivers more than 20 special talks and manages more than 10 special sessions in international conferences. He has received the best research paper award in international conferences at Amity campus Dubai. He has visited more than five countries for research and academic engagement. He has has published an Edited book on “Smart IoT for Research and Industry with Springer (Scopus) and another book also under publication with Wiley.