Author Name: Dr. Noora Abdul Kader

ISBN: 978-1-63278-903-7

Pages: 140

Publisher: Shineeks Publishers

Published On: October 2021

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About Book

Guidance and counselling interventions are necessary in the present scenario for better adjustment in life. This book is identifying the need to provide effective guidance and counselling to secondary school students with substantial evidences. An overview of guidance and counselling techniques given in the book is informative and thought provoking. Rashtritya Madhyamic Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) is recommending enough strategies to provide guidance and counselling to secondary school students. This book is making an attempt to analyze the reach of implementation of guidance and counselling services to secondary school students as per the guidelines of RMSA. A detailed description of RMSA guidelines and recommendations is given in the book. School is a miniature society where the students interact and build up their character and personality. This technetronic world is putting our younger generation in dilemmic situations of academic and personal life. They need a helping hand to get through all these situations to lead a better self-sufficient life. The book is analyzing the role of head of the institutions and teachers in providing guidance and counselling to students. The data collected for the book is confined to Districts of Uttar Pradesh. Critical analysis of the guidance and counselling programmes given to the students is done by the author. It is the need of the hour to provide sensitization programmes for teachers and head of the institutions to get a hands-on experience in providing guidance and counselling to the students. The results revealed in the book, after analysis, give a clear picture of the present status of guidance and counselling programmes.

About Author

Dr. Noora Abdul Kader is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Education at Aligarh Muslim University. She is working on English language teaching, critical literacy, curriculum studies, focus on form instruction, Guidance and Counselling and student unrest. She has a commanding voice in the area of English Language teaching and published research papers focusing. innovative researches and pedagogical interventions in English language teaching. Dr. Noora Abdul Kader has always shown keen interest to accumulate the knowledge needed to advance the current ideas already existent in the research world. Her Intellectual Curiosity undertakes deep thinking and inquiry of the things, problems, and situations around her in a prudent way.