Author Name: Dr. Radhika Taroor

ISBN: 978-1-63278-950-1

Pages: 20

Publisher: Shineeks Publishers

Published On: February 2022

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About Book

Everyone irrespective of their physical and mental abilities has the right to get a quality education. Laws around the globe are striving to prohibit discrimination and provide specially enabled students with equal opportunities and support. This particular review throws light on the various aspects that affect the successful execution of inclusive classrooms. We’ll go over the nature of the educational process and the factors that matter the most. Patients with disabilities often feel neglected. If a medical institution has disabled medical practitioners, that helps boost the confidence of patients. This also prevents doctors from assuming about the personal lives and activities of patients with disabilities.
This review talks about the advantages and disadvantages that educational institution and students have to come across while trying to work together in an inclusive environment. We’ll also ponder upon the major pitfalls that an inclusive program presents to the educational institutions and staff. Towards the end, the review intends to provide certain guidelines that if followed can result in a healthy inclusion of disabled students into the regular curriculum.
Inclusive education reinforces the idea of diversity and identifies every student by their learning capabilities. Modern classrooms need to be specially designed to cater to the needs of each and every candidate.

About the Authors

RadhikaTaroor has a variety of degrees in Behavioral Sciences including a doctorate and been associated with various associations and organizations related to Psychology and Medical Education. She has been developing new methods towards teaching and learning for students to cope with the current day stress, lifestyle and an avid publisher of journals, papers and books internationally.