Authors Name: Piotr Masloch

ISBN: 979-8-88940-997-7

Pages: 219

Publisher: Shineeks Publishers

Published On: August 2023

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About Book

The monograph„The New Age of Management” is a response to the changing environment of business operations and management in the era of modern globalization challenges. The global surrounding of management embedded in the complex national and wider international context drives the development of new management concepts and paradigms. And in this new global reality of the 21st century which, on the one hand, greatly benefits from scientific and technological achievements and developments, and, on the other hand, has been marked by pandemics, war, and socio-economic crises, modern enterprises are searching for a new direction – in this respect, this monograph should be treated as a specific signpost showing, perhaps not yet a road, but a path to follow.


About Author

Piotr Maśloch

He is a Professor at War Studies University in Warsaw, Management and Command Faculty. Prof. Piotr Maśloch is an officer of the Polish Army and Dean’s Representative for EU projects. He is an author and manager of international projects (founded by UE) in the field of new technologies and modern education. He is an active teacher and researcher in management, sustainable energy, sustainability, and environmental impact. He is a reviewer of scientific publications of the best Polish Universities and international publishing houses, he is an author and co-author of about 100 publications as a paper contribution to international journals, book chapters, and conference proceedings. His research interest includes management, global aspects of management, globalization, and new trends in management (AI, VR, MR).