Author Name: Dr. Deepika Chaliya

ISBN: 978-1-63278-938-9

Pages: 126

Publisher: Shineeks Publishers

Published On: September 2022

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About Book

The present study aims to explore the relationships between nation and its myth to address larger issues of national, international and universal interests in the dramatic mechanism of Girish Karnad. Dramatics, in the hands of Karnad, uses myth to serve its real purpose of educating and entertaining the masses. As far the importance of myth for a nation is concerned, myth has been establishing its importance in every era and in every society. It frames a major part of national heritage. It constantly reminds us who we are, where we have come from and what future we are leading to. It sounds cautionary call about making wrong decisions with the help of mythological examples. It teaches the lessons and help people avoid a similar fate. The present study aims an investigation of searching role of myth in a scenario which witnesses swift changes in priorities.

World today is obsessed with endless conflicts. Every nation brims with national pride.  The evil of casteism, regionalism, religious fundamentalism, patriarchy and racism have placed many seen and unseen barricades in the way of national safety and integration. Myth, in such a scenario, comes forward to guide the masses with the wisdom and experiences of ages. It not only acts as a manifesto for the present social order but works as a demonstration pattern of ethical values, sociological order, and miraculous conviction also so that traditional values can be strengthened to the extent that these can accommodate the changing form of long-established concept of morality.

Myth finds expression through various forms of art. Literature is one such form that makes us see beyond obvious and what the front door shows. It takes man to discover, inquire and construct new knowledge. Literature is a means to leap into the past through myth, history and legends. Literature, especially drama is such a form of art that reflects and expresses the inner sections of human mind in a better way. It depicts man, family, community, nation and world with all the possible tinges of truth. It not only affirms faith but can challenge long-held beliefs as well.  It has been a strong medium to convey deeper meanings of life in its true and vivid colours.


About Author

Dr. Deepika chaliya is a researcher and academician in English literature. She has done her doctorate degree under Junior Research Fellowship from the Department of English and foreign languages, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, Haryana (India). She has done her graduation in English (Hon’s) and post-graduation in English literature. She has completed her M. Phil. Degree in Sept.2016. She is also a bachelor of Education. She has participated and presented papers at various national and international conferences. Her papers have been published in various national and international journals. She has researched on various topics especially folklores and myths. Her areas of interests include British literature, and Indian literature in English especially Indian English drama. The present work ” Trajectory of Nation through Myths: A study of Girish Karnad’s selected plays” explores various serious evils like casteism, religious fundamentalism, gender issue, and political issue prevailing in India.