Areas of Expertise

Nutrition sciences, dietetic and diet therapy, dairy nutrition, nutrition assessment and surveillance, diary sciences and milk biochemistry, mineral imbalance and deficiency, nutritional and medicinal properties of camel milk, dairy production and farming, food crises and security, international health and nutrition, community livelihood and malnutrition.

Brief Bio

Ayman Balla Mustafa Yassien graduated in University of Juba with B.Sc. honor in Natural resources and environmental studies, thereafter, awarded M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Nutrition and Dairy sciences from University of Khartoum, Sudan. He focused in Ph.D study on nutritional values and medicinal properties of camel milk, it is comparative study between camel are reared in free range with camel in farming system. He served as Lecturer of Nutrition Sciences, College of Rural Development and Community Studies, University of Juba then assist professor in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Butana University. Currently, he works as Associate Professor at Therapeutic Nutrition Department (TND), Misurata University, Libya. He was conducted many scientific researches, field experiments and technical reports in area of diet biotherapy and nutritional biochemistry specifically on camel products. During his studies in natural pasture and desert region he was conducted many studies on camel pastoralist’s food security, lifestyle and livelihood. He participated in many international conferences, workshop and symposia in diet therapy and camel milk production areas. He had published many research articles in international platforms and journals in addition he have two books were published through Lambert academic publishing. He is also serving as reviewer and editor in some indexed and peer-reviewed journals. He is looking forwards innovation for use camel milk as bio-therapy source in series experiments concerning chronic diseases and nutrition purposes. Now, he has active scientific project entitle ‘Medical and Nutrition properties of dromedary camel milk in Sahara.