Dr. Bahrullah Safi


Dr. Bahrullah Safi is Higher Education Expert & Consultant. He is Vice President International at Acacia University, USA. He is also former Chancellor, Mirwais Neeka Institute of Higher Education, Afghanistan. Dr. Safi is Member of Editorial and Advisory Board of the International Journal of Social Sciences and Education, Turkey. Dr. Bahrullah Safi is Board Member and Country Head, International Business and Economic Research Academy, United Kingdom. Dr. Safi is Recruitment and Marketing Partner of London Institute of Skills Development, United Kingdom. Dr. Bahrullah Safi is Member of Editorial Board, International Journal of Management and Technical Research, India and He is also Member of Bangladesh Business Research Foundation. Dr. Safi is Member of ISTAR, Thailand and He also serves as a Research Consultant and Associate Editor at ETCOR Educational Research Center, Philippines. Dr. Bahrullah Safi has earned Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration and Ph.D. in Management and he has published several research papers in national and international journals. Dr. Safi has been a keynote speaker in many national and international conferences and he has chaired quite a lot of committees at local and global levels. Dr. Bahrullah Safi is the recipient of different awards and he has trained many learners and corporate professionals.