Dr. Ihab H. Naeim


Dr. Ihab H. Naeim received his PhD degree in Optics and laser physics from the Universities of Neuchatel – Switzerland, and Helwan – Egypt 2006/7. He received post – doctoral training scholarships in [PTB – Germany] 2008. Received a training scholarship at the French Metrology Institutes [LNE & BIPM – France] 1999. He participated with his researches in several scientific conferences in America [Philadelphia 2014, Rochester 2006, Arizona 2005]. He worked as a visiting professor of engineering and medical physics in several universities inside and outside Egypt. He starts his career as a researcher assistant at National Institute for Standards in Egypt 1990. Currently he works as a Professor of Physics at Taibah University in Saudi Arabia since 2013. He received the Leadership Award at Taibah University 2015. He successfully completed the Pearson FCM two years training program 2016 at Taibah University. He is a Member and referee in several international journals [OSA, SPIE, JPAA].