Dr. Iyanda Ismail A.


Dr. Iyanda Ismail A. is an Academic, research and HR consultant. He is an Assistant Professor of Management at the College of Business Administration, University of Fujairah. Also, He is an Editor-in-Chief for Journal of Islamic Economics and Business Studies as well as an Editorial Board Member for Journal of Industrial Management. He is also the Head of the Research Effectiveness Committee as well as a member of the Committee on Quality Assurance and Program Effectiveness (CQAPE) for Business Administration Programs at the College of Business Administration, University of Fujairah, UAE.
Dr. Iyanda is an academic member of Academy of Management, USA. He has participated in different research projects in the field of management. Dr. Iyanda has a patent to his credit. The patent is entitled “High Performance Work System- Performance Nexus in Nigerian SMEs: A Moderated Mediation Study.” Approved Patent, S/O Code – 15956. He has produced over 40 publications in the Scopus/ISI/ABS/ABCD-indexed journals, reputable journals, and proceedings, developed and designed proposals for research funding, designed research projects, participated as well as led many research teams, reviewed several research works, and mentored several students.