Dr. Manjula Srinivas


She Has Been Working with KC College since 2001. She Has a PhD in Media Economics from the University of Mumbai. With More than 24 Years of Experience in the Field of Media Education, She Has Played a Significant Role in Bringing Her College to the National and International Map. Top Magazines like India Today and the Week Have Ranked the College as Top 15 in India for Media Education Several times in the Last 14 Years. She Has Worked on Several Senior Academic Positions, and She Has Been an Invited Speaker on National and International Conferences and Resource Person for Faculty Development Program. Engaged in Several Academic Board of Studies for Curriculum Development and Other Such Expertise. Invited by University of Mumbai as Chairperson, Bos (2006-2009), Member, Board of Studies of St. Xavier’s College, 2007-2009, Mumbai, Member, Bos, Foundation Course (2016-2019), University of Mumbai , Member Bos for Maema Program at Mumbai University, Chairperson, Bos, St. Xavier’s College (2020 Onwards), Member, Bos, Patkar College, Member, Bos, Rj Jhunjhunwala College. Chairperson, Bos, Mass Media, HSNC University, Mumbai. Chairperson, Bos, Bvoc, Sports and Entertainment Management, HSNC University, Mumbai. Keynote Speaker at Eden – 2017, the Annual Conference Held at Jönköping, Sweden (European Distance & E-learning Network) and at (Gem) Genres & Media Landscape in Virtual- Physical Gaming Space, Sweden. Received Women Super Achiever Award by Femina in February 2017. Received – top 50 Women in Education Award by World Education Congress in November 2017. Awarded, the Best Teacher, K.C. Ratna in 2017. Best Professor in Advertising – Academy of Management Professionals, 2019. 100 World’s Dedicated Professors, by World Education Congress 2019 higher Education Forum Excellence Award, Mumbai, 2019 Indo Asian Best Women Media Economist Award, 2020 Rotary Award for Vocational Excellence, 2020. 8 International Conference, Convener for the Annual Conference Media Summit since 2014. Themes Were:  Media and Globalization, Visual Media Culture, Digital Democracy, Media Integrity, Globalization Media Morphosis, Lead Me (Learning, Digitalization and Media) and Digital Media Literacy, 2021. Editor, Media Research & Communication Studies Research Journal (ISSN) 8 Editions (Annual, since 2014) and Editor of 8 ISBN Books. Guide for Pg. Dissertations Where More than 100  Media Students in Pg., Submit Their Dissertations. She Says, “Remain a Student All Your Life to Be a Better Teacher”.