Dr. Nilesh Narayan Prasad


Former chairman of computer society of India Patna chapter Membership number is I1503039. Nominated as Global Recruitment Director by ITA International Teachers Association Board Membership number is 348. Included in the list of Experts by Academic network on global education and learning. Recognized as Scholar by Academic Business current Data. Fellow member of BOSE SCIENCE SOCIETY F933/BSS/2023.Fellow member of Scholars academic and scientific society SAS/FSASS/650/2023. Fellow member of Digital Euro Association. Life member of Indian science Congress association Membership number is L34876. Life member of Human Right association Bihar Membership number is 0011. Life member of Patna management association Chapter of AIMA. Life member of system society of India membership number is LM33422. Life member of career counselor of career Naksha and councilor council of India CCICN 212755997. 14-15 years experience as lecturer, Assistant professor, Associate Professor HOD at IIBM. Guest lecturer of skill development program state government Bihar India. Assessor and Invigilator of different reputed colleges and universities. Member of international association of Engineers Membership number is 344682.Invited as Distinguished SPEAKER by Director’s Institute an initiative of World development corporation. Dr. Nilesh Narayan Prasad selected for Life time achievement award by Avishkar foundation Maharashtra. He is the fellow member of Eudoxia Research University USA and Eudoxia Research Centre India. Member of World Economics Association. Member of International Water Resource Association. Member of Global Harmonization Initiative. Member of IEOM (Industrial Engineering and Operations management ) society International. Member of IAAC (International Association of Academic plus corporate. Member of Computer Science Teacher Association. He is elected Director of Strategic Trainers and Mentors Association recently and the Editor of council of Research and Sustainable Development. He is also the EDITOR of International journal i.e. Asian journal of Educational research and Technology published by TSPMT. I am also the EDITOR of International organization of Academic and Scientific Development. I am the member of Editorial Board of Scholars Academic and Scientific Society..