Prof. Dr. Salah H. R. Ali


Dr. Salah is currently Professor at the National Institute for Standards (NIS), Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR). He employed as a Visiting Professor of Mechanical Engineering (full time) at the Faculty of Engineering, Modern University of Technology and Information (MTI) from Oct 2019. He worked Professor and Head of the Engineering and Surface Metrology Department (ESML), Precision Engineering Division at the NIS from 2016 until 2019. Salah Ali obtained his bachelor’s (B.Sc.) and master’s (MSc) degrees in the Science of Automotive Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Helwan University (HU). He received his PhD in Mechanical Design and Production Eng. Dept., Cairo University (CU), by creating environmentally friendly engineering materials for the automotive industry. Dr. Salah participates as an academic advisor for several MSc and PhD degrees students in Cairo, Ain Shams and Helwan Universities. He teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students at Saudi colleges and Egyptian universities as CU, HU, MUST and MTI (1993-Now). Moreover, he have previous professional experience in the Egyptian Ministry of Defense, Al-Azhar University, Merced Benz Co (NATCO) and Arab American Vehicle Co (AAV, Cherokee), (1985-92). He has been involved and work in funded projects from CU and Egypt Scientific Academy at MOHESR. In addition to, research cooperation projects with academic researchers in nat/international entities. Dr. Salah has published more than 90 research papers in peer-reviewed journals/conferences in the areas of precision engineering, advanced coordinate and surface metrology, automotive engineering, tribology, nanomaterial technology, ISO standards, validation and verification methods, FEA with 3D design, 3D printing; Evaluation & development of engineering curriculum programs. He was the winner of 2 Best Paper Awards. He published 3 books. The first book entitled “Automotive Engine Metrology“, printed in US and Canada, and distributed around the world since 2017, which has Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standards certification from UK. He is co-author another international book with published two chapters, printed and published in Poland Academy entitled “Implementation of Coordinate Metrology” in 2012. Dr. Salah holds three patents in the mechanical engineering. Dr. Salah reviews many scientific research papers in international periodicals/conferences, drafts Egyptian standards, research projects within the protocol of Egyptian-foreign cooperation. He participated in the arbitration and discussion of MSc and PhD theses inside and outside Egypt. He participated in the arbitration of the permanent committees for promotions. He has participation as a Chief Editor, Editorial board member in many international scientific journals. On the other hand, he has several contributions in technical training, writing press essays, translation and simplifying the science. So, he published more than 33 press essay and various media awareness meetings to support the outputs of teaching and scientific research as a contribution to the dissemination of knowledge, technical awareness, and strengthens the scientific culture of the Egyptian, Arab and International communities to push development and increase the quality of production and the welfare of society. In 2014, moreover Dr. Salah elected as a member of the National Committee for theoretical and applied mechanics at the Egyptian academy of scientific research and technology; he also elected secretary of the council. Dr. Salah is a fellow and member in local and international scientific societies such as Egyptian Society of Mechanical Engineers (SME) and American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International); Japan Society of Automotive Engineers (JSAE). He has been an invited and participate a sessions chair and opening keynote speaker in several international conferences. Dr. Salah has academic teaching, applied research and industrial experiences for more than 36 years. He has received many national and international awards. His current general interest includes always seeking to: maximize the utilization of available resources in creative ways, support others and promote the interests of society. Moreover, he strives spreads the awareness of Engineering and Metrology Sciences including Automation and Robotics to improve the quality of life for people.